Last night I found my way into Merchants On Long Pop-Up Shop launch party in Chelsea and came away with some nice goodies including free copy of Arise Mag, south african candy and a bar of madagascar chocolate….

Merchants On Long, headed by is a beautiful salon based in Cape Town, now about to lauch itself in London town, the shop showcased a selection of brands from local and ethically produced African design, art and fashion, featuring pieces from Patrick Mavros,Suno and SAWA

The evening was pleasant, although by the time I got there they had run out of coconut cocktails :(. The local chelsea crowd was out in full force, and when I say this I specifically mean Harrys Ex, Chelsea Davy. Pics include Helen Jennings editor of Arise, my previous internship, the designer of Ohema Ohene and head of marketing at Bobbi Brown

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